To promote civilization-level change in education throughout empowerment to Better Their World. We want to convince people, around the world, that there is a better, fundamental alternative to the kind of “education” offered almost universally to kids in the world today.

We all want our kids to be educated. What’s changing is what an education is and what “being educated” means 

— Marc Prensky

She showed me I could take my dreams as seriously as I wanted.

— Esther Wojcicki’s student James Franco

——— The alternative we advocate ———


our current “academic education” whose primary end is to improve individuals (no matter what its bells and whistles), 


an “empowering education whose primary end is to improve the world”— from the perspective of each individual— (and to improve individuals in the process.)
We believe that Math, English (or local language), science, and social studies (“The MESS”) is no longer the right foundation of –  or primary organization of –  education for all.  
Rather, the universal skills of Effective Thinking, Effective Action, Effective Relationships, and Effective Accomplishment are the basic overarching and underlying foundations for life – and therefore for education.  Further, each of those categories is composed of universal, acquireable, life-long skills that all individuals should strive to master throughout their schooling and life – applying those skills to activities that they are good at, that better their world, and that they love to do:



We DO NOT believe that any particular approach, or school, or system, is “right,” or will “scale,” in the same sense that a product can.  In fact, viewing education as a “product” is wrong. Because education is so local, and even individual, we need thousands and even millions of individualized and contextualized approaches.
But we DO believe that there is a small “umbrella of essentials” that defines the kind of education we promote:
  • Empowerment of all kids, through real-world accomplishment
  • Enabling and encouraging all kids to Better Their World while they are still students.
  • Helping all kids acquire, to the best of their abilities, the universal skills of Effective Thinking, Effective Action, Effective Relationships and Effective Accomplishment 
We know there is more than one way to educate kids.  
Our goal is for there to be an alternative kind of education that is widely accepted in the world
     i.e. Empowerment to Better Their World,
because we strongly believe it is far better for tomorrow’s kids, and tomorrow’s world, than the education that is being offered to students-almost everywhere-today.
Some schools are cages and some schools are wings —Rubem Alves (Brazil)
Schools that are cages make the birds forget how to fly. Caged birds are under control. Caged birds can be taken anywhere. Caged birds always have an owner. Caged birds are not birds anymore. Because they lost the essence of being a bird: they forgot how to fly.
Schools that are wings do not love caged birds. They love the birds when they are flying. Those schools encourage the birds to fly. They cannot teach them how to fly because this happens inside the birds when they are born. The flight cannot be taught. It can only be encouraged.
We want all kids to have wings, and to fly toward bettering their world.