The Global Future Education Foundation and Institute

Advancing “Fix the World” education (based on continuous Real-world-Impact Student Empowerment Projects) as an equally valid alternative to the Academic “Learn the Past” education now dominant in the world.

The GLOBAL FUTUREEDUCATION FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to promoting and spreading CIVILIZATION-LEVEL CHANGE to REAL-WORLD  IMPACT STUDENT EMPOWERMENT PROJECT EDUCATION —an alternative kind of education  now emerging around the globe that better fits many of today’s and tomorrow’s kids.

Civilization-level Change in Education means:


For historical reasons, the world is currently stuck with an education that no longer fits either its kids OR their future world…



…yet everyone is focused on incremental improvements to the old, rather than on creating something new.
We don’t need to incrementally fix our old academic education. We need to transition from the academic education to something new — an “Empowerment to Better Their World” Education.



Given our newly empowered kids, there is now a better way to improve the world through education (and to improve our kids in the process). 
We no longer need a curriculum based on the same Math, English, Science and Social studies (“MESS”) for all, but on the universal skills of thinking, acting, relating and accomplishing

With a strong start at mastering all—and not just a small fraction of—the underlying, lifelong, skills that people need in order to apply their passions to bettering their world

acquiring those skills through an education that is fully based around kids—at all levels—continuously doing projects that better their world.  
Those kinds of projects are growing exponentially around the globe—you can see examples in the database on the left.
(You can try a working version of this database here.


The new education matrix we need looks like this:

THE MISSION OF THE GLOBAL FUTURE EDUCATION FOUNDATION is to encourage this emerging civilization-level alternative in education by PROMOTING THE VISION, and by BUILDING NEEDED TOOLS and INFRASTRUCTURE to help make it happen.