The Global Future Education Foundation

Promoting a civilzation-level change from “educating” our kids to “EMPOWERING” themthrough  Empowering Beliefs, Real-World Accomplishment, Technology Symbiosis and Applied Uniqueness.
We support the creation of “EMPOWERMENT HUBS” as a new, side-by-side alternative to the world’s current academic education. 



The GLOBAL FUTURE EDUCATION FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation dedicated to promoting and spreading a CIVILIZATION-LEVEL SHIFT from “educating” our kids to “EMPOWERING” them—an alternative emerging around the globe that better fits the kids of the 21st century.  
For historical reasons, the world currently has an education system that – although it worked in the 20th century –  no longer fits either today’s kids or their future world.  The civilization-level shift we seek is to


(and have kids better themselves in the process), though

Empowering Beliefs, Real-World Accomplishment, Technology Symbiosis, and Applied Uniqueness.


 In the 2st century there is now a better way for kids to improve themselves and the world.

We call it
We don’t need to incrementally fix our old academic education. We need to transition from “academic schools” to something new — i.e. “Empowerment Hubs” designed to produce kids who will better their world. 


…yet everyone is focused on incremental improvements to the old, rather than on creating something new.




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  • I am, first, a member of the human race and a citizen of the world—before my many other identities.
  • I have a unique set of dreams, passions, strengths, and capabilities that no other human has.
  • I can understand my uniqueness and apply it to bettering my world in my own way.
  • I have the power to create positive change as an individual, and even more powerfully in teams.
  • I can and will take my own dreams as seriously as I want to.
  • I live in a technology age. I will make my human and machine components work together well to solve problems.
  • My goal is to become a good, effective, world-improving person, doing the most good and the least harm I can.
  • My best self combines -What I care about most, -What I’m best at, and -What I love to do.
  • My key sources of happiness are LOVE, EMPATHY, GRATITUDE & OPTIMISM (L.E.G.O.).
  • I am entitled to TRUST, RESPECT, INDEPENDENCE, COLLABORATION & KINDNESS from others—and will give the same in return.
  • I can build my self-esteem and self-confidence by continually accomplishing positive, useful, tasks in my community, country and world…
  • …and can personally better my world by joining in world-improving projects.
  • My ideal life is a good balance of: – Socializing, eating, exercise & play; – Contributing to my world; – Renewing myself through reflection and sleep.
  • I am in charge of, and responsible for, my own life and future. I also welcome well-intentioned advice and guidance from all sources.
  • I am free to believe whatever I want to. —But I am not free to cause harm to others or the world.
  • I will not be under-respected, under-appreciated- or underestimated because of my age, gender— or anything else
  • I am nobody’s pet, property, or slave. No person has the right to control me, beyond stopping me from doing harm.
  • I know, and welcome, that my life will be one of continuous change—and this may even Include changes in my beliefs.
  • But much of my adult life will be determined by the beliefs I form growing up.
  • No matter what anyone tells me, all these things are true.


We no longer need a curriculum based on the same Math, English, Science and Social studies (“MESS”) classes for all, but a curriculum of real-world projects with Measurable Positive Impact on the students’ world. We need an education that is fully based around kids continuously doing projects that better their world. —at all levels.
Those kinds of projects are growing exponentially around the globe—you can see examples in the database on the left.
(You can try a working version of this database here.


Humans are changing.  We are moving from “people with tools” to “Symbiotic Human Hybrids” who combine our evolved brains and our constructed technology into a new form of human being – the form that is required to solve the problems of the 21st century and beyond.


Every single one of the 2 billion kids on the planet is UNIQUE in her or hs  dreams, concens, strengths and passions.  To avoid being automated, our kids need to APPLY their unique features in a way that betters their world.


Instead of offering courses and classes, we need to help our kids, via beliefs, accomplishments, symbiosis and uniqueness acquire the universal skills of effective thinking, acting, relating, and especially accomplishing!


 Kids will get – through their new beliefs, real-world accomplishments, technology symbiosis, and uniqueness, a strong start at mastering not just so-called “21st century skills, but  ALL the underlying, lifelong, skills that people need in order to thrive and apply themselves effectively to bettering their world.
THE MISSION OF THE GLOBAL FUTURE EDUCATION FOUNDATION is to encourage this emerging civilization-level alternative in education by PROMOTING THE VISION, and by BUILDING NEEDED TOOLS and INFRASTRUCTURE to help make it happen.