(project in process)

The goal of the Foundation’s  CURRICULAR NUGGETS project is to collect, on one website, the single sentence about each course or subject offered that teachers hope their students will remember for the rest of their lives.  Those sentences are the “nuggets” we are talking about.  

The reason to capture these nuggets is two-fold. First, they don’t often enough get articulated, or told to students directly. Second, it will be useful to have a place for people to review all the key messages they should have learned from their school courses.

The project involves querying as many teachers as possible, and distilling their answers into the most memorable sentences for each course and subject. Teachers new and old will be able to use the site as a reference to ensure that the most important message about each course they teach—and each course a student takes—is deliberately presented to, and learned for life by, all students.

For more information on this project, and how you can help or participate, please email the Foundation here.