> Creation and initial launch of the Better Their World Student Project Database.


Publication of The World Needs a New Curriculum (which became Education to Better Their World: Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids (from TC Press).


> Establishment of the core movement, core team and core principles.



We seek sponsors to help us:


> Develop our database of student projects further.


> Reach more educational influencers, through

– sponsorship of speeches by our core team to influential groups

– purchase and distribution of our books.


> Develop new tools and infrastructure to help kids recognize their strengths and passions and apply those to Bettering Their World.


> Create new ways and processes for acquiring the fundamental skills all people need.




All sponsorships are US tax deductable contributions to the 501(c)(3) Global Future Education Foundation and Institute, Ltd.


– Individual  $500.

– Family  $1,000.

– Bronze  $5,000,

– Silver  $10,000

– Gold  $50,000

– Platinum  $100,000